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Limitless Designs

The beauty of solid surface lies in its flexibility: it can be customised into any shape when thermoformed. The process of thermoforming involves the use of heat to mould the solid surface into any basic or complex shape.

Solid surface offers many options in colours and finishes that can replicate wood, stone or granite in thicknesses ranging between 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch.

Also CNC machinery (computer-controlled machine tools) can be used to engrave various styles like raised textures, etchings, 3D images, customised jaali(net) patterns and so on.





Backlit - Translucent

One of the most exciting design features of solid surface is that it is also available in translucent sheets. When the translucent surface is back-lit the play of light in the material radiates a soft glow and brings depth. Back lighting can be accomplished through many options, ranging from conventional bulbs to LEDs, to create stunning effects.

In this example the image of a deity is etched on a solid-surface sheet. Just see how a dramatic image of the deity is created by being back-lit.


Seamless joints

The best part about this material is that it gives a seamless finished look. The material is preferred for large spans of countertops because they seem to be fabricated from a single piece.

The seamless installation prevents liquids from getting absorbed and creates a watertight surface. This makes it highly suitable for fabricating sinks, bathtubs and countertops in bathrooms and kitchens that are exposed to moisture and humidity.